10 Funny Easter Egg Effects on Google search
Monday 09 December 2013

10 Funny Easter Egg Effects on Google search

Google is well-known for its lighter side, including things like whimsical logos, april fools’ gags and more. In the spirit of the Easter holiday, here’s a list of 10 “easter eggs”

1 - 'tilt' or 'askew'

Search for “askew” or “tilt,” and sure enough, your results will be displayed slightly akimbo. No SEO manipulation here — they still function as “normal” search results, but they just look crooked.


2 - 'Do A Barrel Roll' or 'Z or R Twice'

will make your search results do a complete 360-degree spin


3 - Google gravity

Go to google.com home page, type "Google gravity" and clicking "I'm Feeling Lucky". Once the search bar, buttons and logo have collapsed into a heap at the bottom of the page, you can toss them around the page by clicking, dragging and releasing them.


4 - Hanukkah

Special Decoration for search window


5 - Hacker

Hacker. Want to see how Google would look like Hacked? Go to google.com, Type “Google Hacker” in the search bar and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button.


6 - Conway's Game of Life

produces the Life simulation described by Conway.


7 - Google in 1998

The search engine travels back in time to give you a glimpse of its pre-millennium look.


8 - zerg rush

It’s a game. A bunch of Google “o”s to attack your page and eventually destroy it but you can fight back by clicking them.


9 - Atari Breakout

It’s also a game. Search Atari Breakout in google image search will launch a playable version of the video game using the image results.


10 - The flight simulator in Google Earth

one of my all-time favorite easter eggs is the flight simulator in Google Earth Just press CTRL + Alt + A ( or command + Option + A if you're on a Mac), and you can take flight from any number of airports all over the world. The program lets you choose between flying an F-16 or an SR-22