10 Most Valuable Tech Brands Around the World
Saturday 30 November 2013

10 Most Valuable Tech Brands Around the World

Branded is a regular word now. Everybody is going behind top brands, but I know you might be confused with top brands as so many brands are emerging each day. Earlier Brand was just a word used to define a company and its products but now Brand has become a status symbol. Normal man is really confused with brands and its qualities; let me introduce you to few top brands around the globe.

Ten Most Valuable Tech Brands In The World

  • Apple –“Think Different” The most renowned brand name on the blue ball now. Apple the name itself defines everything. Apple’s iPhone 5S is a consumer glee now. According to the records 72 Macs are in use. The sales have increased tremendously at an average of 15 percent annually in last five years of time the App Store has crossed 50 billion app download with the iTunes App. Apple designers gave a face-lift to their operating system, iOS7 which powers the iPhonne, IPad, and iPod touch. Even though Apple was not so popular initially, since 2005 Apple is ranked as the most innovative company by Boston Consulting Group ranks. Brand value of Apple is $98.3 Billion.

  • Google Google, the name which everybody goes through for atleast once a day. From its self-driving cars to Google Glass, Google has always been known as the best search engine ever which is marked as a leader of the tech-world. Brand value of Google is $US93.3 Billion. Ubiquitous is Google, with its numerous offerings like online advertising, Google maps, etc according to the researches. Whether techie or not, Google is always present everywhere were internet access is there.


  • IBM One of the powerful and very popular brand since ages. Still the brand is continuing with its innovative ideas. No wonder the company is having 6,478 patents in 2012. the most US patents for the 20th year in a row. It is very triumphant that IBM is aggressively growing since its birth long back. Brand value of IBM is $78.8 Billion. It is still showing its active presence in emerging markets. IBM opened 144 offices in 2012 alone. Looking forward in IT industry, IBM is all set to build a smarter computing platform that will be designed for Big Data. IBM is still on the way with its innovations.

  • Microsoft Microsoft is another accepted Brand around the globe. They have made significant strides in streamlining and integrating its broad portfolio, announcing in July 2013 its “One Microsoft” corporate restructuring that embraces a holistic brand approach across product lines. The brand is planning to shift from software to hardware business. It’s also making a bigger bet on mobile with its USD $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia’s mobile business. Brand value of Microsoft is $59.5 Billion. Microsoft is also a kind of Brand similar to Google when it comes to popularity among normal man.

  • Samsung Samsung is the leader among Smartphones now. Eventhough the Brand went down in sales and market a while ago, now Samsung surpassed Apple in Smartphone sales, grabbing 30.3 percent market share of Smartphone shipments and making USD $5.2 billion on handsets in the second quarter. The Galaxy series has made Samsung a leader Smartphone industry. Innovative products such as the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note II and a massive marketing spree of more than USD $4 billion in 2012, four times Apple’s budget, the brand continues to strengthen its position globally. Brand vale of Samsung is $39.6 Billion. Samsung is widening its product range to digital cameras, home appliances and TVs coming down to common man to create a market both in Smart world and the common man world.

  • INTEL Intel is a lucid name is both PC and server processor markets. Through strategic relationships with powerhouse brands like Microsoft, which made headlines for adapting Windows to run on less powerful and less expensive processors, Intel has integrated in devices such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet. The Brand value of Intel is $37.2 Billion as records. Intel has stepped into the Smart world too powering Smartphones in new markets such as Africa, where Yolo, a low-cost Android Smartphone and Kenya’s Safaricom, marks a first for the brand and the continent. Though the Brand name has vague idea on reaching markets as of now, the Intel-powered Smartphones are considered to bring the supremacy back.

  • CISCO-“Human Network” The Brand which marked a revolution creating “Human Network” campaign to straddle both the corporate and consumer worlds, has managed to reposition into what seems to be a more comfortable role as the network enabler of both large and small businesses. Cisco is growing its presence in the B2B space, building on shifts it experienced last year. Cisco has a Brand value of $29.1 Billion. To help businesses monetize “the data in motion” in their networks, Cisco launched several mobile solutions earlier this year, including Cisco Quantum, enabling greater network programmability. By next year the Brand is considered to create another revolution growing its network.

  • HP-“Make It Matter” HP, Hewlett Packard is one of the world’s largest technology organizations. “IT in a Box”-a one-stop-shop technology solution is a project announced by HP joining with Google earlier this year to offer a small-and medium-sized business. Brand value of HP is $25.8 Billion. HP is refocusing on cloud, mobility, Big Data, and a new style of IT. Also announced launching HAVEn, a Big Data analytics platform. The Brand has changed its tagline a few times in recent years from “Invent” to “Let’s Do Amazing” to the current “Make It Matter.

  • Oracle Oracle is a leading provider of business hardware and software systems. $24.2 Billion is the Brand value of Oracle in market. In early 2013, Oracle’s purchase of Acme Packet for USD $2.1 billion not only enhanced its communications product offering, but also signified its expansion into the networking market. A partnership had formed with Dell in June 2013, and later that same month, a partnership with Microsoft was announced that would enable Java developers to use Oracle tools. More recently, Oracle empowered Java and aspiring developers worldwide, introducing a series of programs to “Make the Future Java.” The programs allow developers to share their enthusiasm for Java, expand their technical skills, feel a sense of community, and be active participants in developing the next generation of Java innovation. Seems like the Brand is creating partnership with other renowned brands for its survival to hit market.

  • Amazon Amazon, the brand name popular among the online shoppaholics. The Brand from many years is keeping a good customer relationship and it is delivering wide range of products to people worldwide. The main reason why it is popular in online shopping field is that it delivers with the most reasonable prices with minimal hassle. The brand also expanded into new businesses such as TV set-top boxes, online advertising, original programming via Amazon Studios for its Emmy award-winning Prime Instant Video service, and 3-D Smartphones. The Brand value is $23.6 Billion. Amazon has thus successfully built an intimate relationship with its customers without being perceived as intrusive all around the world.