C2X: A social network for cars.
Saturday 30 November 2013

C2X: A social network for cars.

A new system against GPS systems, C2X (Car-to-X) has been generated by Daimler with which cars can exchange information with each other and also with systems like traffic lights.

From 2006 this system was on the study conducting field tests, but they’re about to embark in the largest ever field trial in the Rhine-Main region of Germany. They did tests with about 120 network-linked cars. With this system, the cars can be alerted of upcoming traffic hazards way ahead of time, allowing them to divert their routes accordingly. Similarly, the system can find the best route to your destination based on real-time traffic data, as well as find the parking lot that appears to have the most available spots. Sounds amazing!!!

And in accordance with this system, the traffic lights can adjust their patters to control traffic flow. You must be thinking what if all cars wants to go in one direction, then obviously they will have to wait for longer time, but the direction and blocks can be controlled to a limit.

The C2X trial is part of the larger Safe Intelligent Mobility – Test Field Germany research project. Daimler is a part of it, along with other German automakers, automotive suppliers, communication firms, research institutions and public sector. This most recent trial puts C2X into the real world and out of the safe confines of a closed course. If all goes well, we may soon have more and more cars as part of this automotive “social network.” Of course, we’ll all have to get over our Big Brother concerns first.