Chrome 58 is now ready, Anticipated Touch Bar not brought yet
Monday 24 April 2017

Chrome 58 is now ready, Anticipated Touch Bar  not brought yet

Google chromium team announces the arrival of Chrome 58 for desktop users. Even though the most anticipated Touch Bar is not included yet, the new version brings bug fixes, and many developer related features.

Chrome 58 brings a new schema management, more uniform handling of failure, and bulk action methods. It also brings full support of IndexedDB 2.0 which enables large data handling of browser. Most of the changes with this version are for Progressive Web Apps on Android, and they can now go completely full-screen. The version also gets rid of non-app UI for more richer experiences and immersive games.

The most anticipated Touch Bar feature that was seen in the Canary channel two months ago has not been released in the initial release, reports 9to5Google. To recap, the Touch Bar key essentially introduced controls like moving forwards or backwards in History. Other shortcuts on the Touch Bar were quick access to Omnibox and the ability to bookmark. It was essentially just like function row found on Chromebooks and Chrome OS devices.

This version brings with it 29 security patches as well. Google notes that this roll out is happening in phases, so users may get it in a few weeks, if not now. Users can check for an update in the browser in the Settings menu.

The new Chrome 58 is rolling out to all Mac, Windows, and Linux users as we speak. This new version also introduces the ability to allow the developers to customize Chrome’s media buttons for playback, full screen or download.

Right now this version is available for desktop users only, but Google announces that the updates for Android and Chrome OS are also coming soon.