'Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey': A Triumph for Science
Monday 22 May 2017

"Feeling a little small?" asks Tyson. That was the crux of this entire episode: the scale of the universe is unfathomable and our place in it is baffling, but Cosmos is here to help the audience join the dots and hopefully grasp the immensity of the questions science is asking.

Throughout the show we are treated to some of the best CGI television has to offer and, for the most part, the computer-generated renderings are scientifically sound (give or take a bit of latitude for dramatic license). Personally, I loved the beach scene where Tyson is describing how life from the oceans evolved to venture onto the land - seamlessly a CGI Tiktaalik, one of the first animals to venture out of the oceans, lumbered onto the beach and it took a moment for me to realize it wasn't real.

But deep within the spacetime fabric of this Cosmos was a beautiful emotion that had the most impact.

Overall, "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" is a must-see for everyone. I think this is exactly the mainstream space science show that television has been waiting for since the original Cosmos aired over three decades ago. It links the humanity behind our urge to explore. It separates myth and religion from the scientific method, defining what the cosmos means to us and how bright a future of discovery can be. But above all, Tyson, like Sagan did in the original series, shares his deep passion for science, enthusing the viewer to learn more and question everything.