Delay in Blackberry Messenger for Android and iOS
Saturday 30 November 2013

Delay in Blackberry Messenger for Android and iOS

Bad timing running for Blackberry. Not only has the company run into serious fiscal issues resulting in huge layoffs, but they haven’t exactly been quick about getting their much hyped iOS/Android version of Blackberry BBM out to customers either.

A long wait in the fingertip world, will cause the lose of interest in it and will jump into the next system. Blackberry has now confirmed that BBM for Android and iOS is being delayed. The reason for the delay is apparently that, over the weekend, 1 million people downloaded a leaked version of BBM. Why was this a problem? The biggest issue is that the leaked app was an older version and ended up overloading the company’s servers.

Right now Blackberry is working to block users of the older version of the app, and once it gets the mess cleaned up, Blackberry will release the official app for iOS and Android. Even if the app arrives in the next few weeks, it is still overdue from the company’s originally promised “summer release” timeframe. Better late than never, we suppose.

Look out for the next, no time to wait. That’s the mantra in the tech world.