Dreams to fly: wearable flying Jetpack is coming
Saturday 30 November 2013

Dreams to fly: wearable flying Jetpack is coming

Start saving money in fact saves a lot, a water based jetpack is going to put you back a cool $100,000. Martin jetpack is going to be made available soon in the market.

Not expensive neither is the cheapest. The Martin jetpack from when it was first unveiled in prototype form a couple years ago, some minor tweaks were made, but the commercial version is largely unchanged.

Power comes by way of a two-stroke custom gas engine that is used to spin a pair of ducted fans. That’s where you get your thrust and then steering is done by an electronic, fly-by-wire system. I think that’s better than the cable and pulley steering that we had seen previously. The jetpack is classified as ultra-light under FAA standards, so you won’t need a license either. It is limited to 30 minutes of flight and a max speed of 63mph, though.

Now, starting your savings to this account or not?