Duel OS for HTC smartphones (Windows & Android)
Saturday 30 November 2013

Duel OS for HTC smartphones (Windows & Android)

Microsoft planning to combine with HTC, as a starter to add Windows as a second OS to its Android handsets. HTC is now with their loss and this would be a great opportunity to increase the graph of their figure. Nothing more has been reported as on how the handset is going to work with these two OS, like in if the user needs to select the OS or if it will be default, but it’s a sign Redmond may be thinking about pulling out all the stops to get people using its mobile OS.

Just talks has started regarding this, according to Bloomberg’s sources, and there’s a possibility that Microsoft may even reduce or eliminate its licensing fee for Windows Phone to make it more attractive to HTC.

HTC seems to be a target because it’s a former partner that has already built both Windows and Android hardware. Microsoft’s head of Operating Systems Terry Myerson is said to be heading to Taiwan to discuss the arrangement in further detail with HTC, says Bloomberg.

There are a couple of reasons this makes sense, including some information TechCrunch has heard about Microsoft and its organizational sentiment towards Android. First, HTC has been one of Microsoft’s few hardware partners for Windows Phone, and that relationship is likely strained given the Nokia hardware division purchase. Second, HTC is in a bad way in terms of continuing poor financial performance, and in terms of device sales, so it’s probably very willing to consider unorthodox models to help it gain some unique appeal for users.

Sources said that its can be an experiment with HTC dual-OS smartphone. Those ideas, TechCrunch has been told, came from younger elements within Microsoft’s mobile engineering team, and were not embraced by the older, more established elements of senior management. We could confirm once it gets launched only.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is leaving within the next year, he announced back in August, and there have been other big executive shifts at the company lately, too, including the departure of Xbox head Don Mattrick and Windows lead Steven Sinofsky.

New ideas booming in Microsoft, young engineers are on the track or are their experiments to get into the show. Whatever, one phone with two OS is a smart idea if it works out well?