Facebook Hoax Alert : Don't share/like Sick Baby Pictures for charity
Saturday 30 November 2013

Facebook Hoax Alert : Don't share/like Sick Baby Pictures for charity

Hoax Title

Facebook message featuring a picture of a baby with many cuts on his face claims that the baby has cancer and that Facebook will donate money to help him each time a user likes, shares, or comments on the picture.

Hoax Example

Please Don't Ignore!
LIKE : 1 $
SHARE : 10 $

Baby with Cuts on Face


This Facebook message features a picture of a baby with many small cuts on his face. According to the message, the baby is suffering from cancer but users can help just by liking, sharing and commenting on the baby's picture. The message claims that Facebook will donate $1 for every like, $3 for every comment and $10 for every share. A caption on the picture also makes the claim that one like equates to one prayer.

However, the claims in the message are heinous lies. Liking, sharing and commenting on the picture will do nothing whatsoever to help him. Facebook certainly will not donate money as claimed.

Moreover, the person who created the hoax cares not one iota for this baby's welfare. The goal of the despicable individual who created the hoax is simply to garner attention for his or her Facebook Page by tricking people into liking, sharing and commenting. By using such underhand tactics, the Page manager can significantly increase the popularity and like-count of the Page.

The people who create these hoaxes are thus fittingly referred to as "like-whores" by an Internet community repulsed by their callous and self-serving activities.

Unfortunately, this example is only one in a constant stream of these vile hoaxes.

The baby in the picture is (then) 8-month-old Xiao Bao from southern China. He does not have cancer as claimed in the hoax message. In fact, he sustained the wounds when his mother attacked him with a pair of scissors after he bit her while breast-feeding. His picture was stolen from news articles about the case and republished in the hoax message.

Any message that claims that Facebook or any other company will donate money to help a sick or injured child in exchange for liking, sharing or commenting is sure to be a hoax. And, the premise that liking or sharing somehow equates to prayers is beyond ridiculous.

Do not foster the twisted goals of these perpetrators by engaging with their callous hoax messages. If one of these messages comes your way, do not like or share it. Do not comment on it either, as this will just further promote it. And let the person who posted it know that the message is a hoax.

Facebook's response to dealing with these ongoing hoaxes has been hopelessly inadequate. It is reprehensible that the company has not done more to stamp them out. Nevertheless, we still recommend that you report them. In some cases at least, hoaxes have been removed in response to reporting.

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