God of War PS4 will be Released in 2017?
Tuesday 28 March 2017

God of War PS4 will be Released in 2017?

Even though there is no official release date yet, Chris Judge, Kratos’ voice actor gives hints that new series will be released in 2017. The actor’s Twitter account gives some clues regarding God of War’s 2017 release. Sony managed to wow crowds at E3 2016 with a fantastic reveal for God of War.

The facts like God of War games are usually out by March, gives more curiosity for the game’s had core fans. With God of War Director Cory Barlog stating that the game was completely playable from beginning to end in December 2016, it certainly seems as if the studio will have ample time to polished the game for release in March 2018 if not earlier.

“What we showed at E3 was running on a standard PS4. The game is designed for standard PS4, don’t need a PS4 Pro to play,” tweeted Cory Barlog, Creative Director on God of War at Sony Computer Entertainment's Santa Monica Studio in response to a fan’s question of what the game will be playable on.

With Sony releasing the PS4 Pro after God of War’s reveal — which the developers state was done on a standard PS4, there’s always the temptation for developers to optimise the game for the newer, more powerful platform that is the PS4 Pro at the cost of skimping out on the existing one, which in this case is the original PS4. However this will not be the case with God of War. Revealed at E3 2016 after a fairly accurate leak, it seems that the game will run just fine on a regular PS4.

Have to say, there will be lots of additional visual enhancements for PS4 Pro. When listening to Barlog ‘s statement, that it will run as it should on the PS4, no doubt that it will give more relief to many PS4 owners.