How Much Longer Can Earth Last
Saturday 30 November 2013

How Much Longer Can Earth Last

Again scientists have come up with one of the scariest news; Earth is going to stop supporting lives. No!!Don’t wind up your affairs in order any time soon. The researchers estimate that the Earth will remain habitable for another 1.75 to 3.25 billion years.

So how did the researchers come up with this habitable life figure? Over the past few years, astronomers have discovered a number of planets that exist within the habitable zones of their stars – meaning that their orbits place them not too far, but not too close, so that temperatures on the surface are just right for life to develop.

However, as the orbits of planets change over time, and as the nature of their stars change over time, no planet is likely to stay in a habitable zone forever. So in this paper, the astronomers did their best to estimate the “habitable zone lifetime” of a planet. Since life took hundreds of millions of years to evolve on Earth, the researchers reason that the best candidates for observation are those with the longest habitable zone lifetimes.

But if humans are still around when the Earth begins to move out of the habitable zone, we can always move next door.

“If we ever needed to move to another planet, Mars is probably our best bet,” said lead researcher Andrew Rushby . “It’s very close and will remain in the habitable zone until the end of the Sun’s lifetime – six billion years from now.”