How to use Instagram on Your Computer
Friday 31 March 2017

How to use Instagram on Your Computer

Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing site, is one among the mobile first platforms that just don’t care about desktop. Recently the Web view version of the same has been launched, with its all services. People without smartphones had no other way to start using Instagram till the Web version was released.

Now, with this update people can sign up on the web, but still users cant post photos from there. Even the official Instagram app for Windows doesn't let you post photos from all devices. It didn’t even work on a windows 10 laptop. But if you have a Windows 10 convertible with a camera, it will bring a new experience.

If you are a person who doesn’t want to use third party apps for this, you can try an Android emulator like Bluestacks. You can install Instagram for Android via the emulator and start uploading pictures and videos just as you would on a smartphone. But its looks pretty complicated to do such easier jobs like photo sharing.

But there are some third party apps, which will help you to use Instagram on your desktop. It doesn’t mean that, these apps will access your data and Instagram account. If you are a person, not comfortable with this, you may have to wait until the official tool for this from Instagram gets released. Or else, here is how to achieve this.

1. Download and install Gramblr on your PC.

2. Open the app and create a Gramblr account. You will need to provide

your Instagram username and password during sign up.

3. The app will open a new tab or window in your browser and prompt you

to select an image.

4. Now, either click the big box and choose a file to upload or drag and

drop an image or video.

5. Click and drag on the image to crop it.

6. Hit the green Save button.

7. You can now apply filters or other effects and once done, hit the

green Continue button.

8. Now write a caption and add your hashtags.

9. Below the image, you can type Instagram usernames to tag people as


10. Click Send.

11. Now the picture or video will be posted to your account. For videos

you can even select a cover image while uploading.

This is one among the easiest way to upload photos to your Instagram via your PC or Mac. This process looks pretty simple and proved that reliably working on both platforms. The most interesting part is that, you can even schedule posts with Gramblr.