Let's go to space: commercial space travel is real.
Saturday 30 November 2013

Let's go to space: commercial space travel is real.

Good news for those who dreamt of the space travel and only for those who have kept aside a huge sum for the huge journey. According to Sir Richard Branson, commercial space travel will be available in 2014.

Branson’s Virgin Galactic, the company which aims to make commercial space travel a reality, recently conducted the second test flight of their SpaceShipTwo (SS2) Enterprise. The suborbital spacecraft, which gives out near zero carbon emissions, will be taking passengers for a ride outside the atmosphere. Even though you might not get like what in NASA, you can enjoy the space ride.

And here comes the number, at present, a ticket costs $250,000. May be in future it may get cheaper, stressing the “may”. But if you thought that this is just about going for a ride into space, you should listen to what Branson thinks about all this. According to Branson, who was talking at the Social Good Summit earlier, “Through space travel, we’re going to be able to do transformative things for the world. We’re going to be able to monitor if a ship is fishing illegally — we can spot it live through our satellites. We can check if people are hunting down rhinos“.

Sounds funny? No, this one is ought to be serious.