Google can now help you find out if you have depression

It will also list symptoms and possible treatments for depression

Google adds 30 more languages to voice typing

Google added 30 new languages and locales from around the world to its voice typing feature yesterday, bringing the total number ...

Google contacts app now available on all android devices with version 5.0 lollipop or higher

You no longer need to have a Pixel or Nexus phone to use Android's best app for contact management.

Google starts rolling out Chrome v60 on Android adds more payment options, new search widget and more

Google has now updated its Chrome for Android with v60. In the new update it gets some new features for users as well as develope...

Google maps will now tell you the best time to hit the road

Google Maps can now help you plan your next trip by showing you estimated travel times based on when you decide to leave.

Waymo is teaching its autonomous cars how to better react to emergency lights

In order to keep you and other drivers safe, Waymo is ensuring that its self-driving vehicles know how to react when there is an ...

Google Maps speed limit feature is only available in two areas

The Google Maps feature that indicates speed limits for vehicles is so far available only in two areas, the tech giant has confir...

Alpha Go AI beats number one human Go player again

Rise of the machines. After the first round of a three part match between the DeepMind-powered AI and Ke Jie, the champion human...

Gmail Can Now Write Replies For You

Smart Reply uses machine learning to take the busy work out of firing off email replies, saving you time and frustration.

Google I/O 2017: Android O beta release available for download today

Google has announced the release of Android O Beta for eligible Pixel and Nexus devices.

Google will soon use machine learning to help you find the right job.

With Google for Jobs, Google is trying to make it easier for everyone to find a job that is right for them.

Google's Waymo is letting ordinary people test its self-driving cars

Normal people are getting their first chance to ride in Google's self-driving cars.

Google Earth rolled out its biggest update yet - here's what's new

Google Earth was a revolutionary app when it first came out, and with the latest relaunch, it might be once again.

Google’s AI-powered drawing tool turns ordinary sketches into masterpieces

Turn quick drawings into something better than stick figures with Google's free AutoDraw tool.

Soon Google Maps will find your parked car for you

Google is bringing an interesting new feature to its Maps app, which will remember the location where a vehicle is parked.

Sony’s Xperia L1 brings the premium feel without breaking the bank

Sony's flagship smartphones have been out of reach for many would-be users, but the Xperia L1 will lower the entry barrier to one...