Machine causes 24% of Surgical Errors?
Saturday 30 November 2013

Machine causes 24% of Surgical Errors?

Now its time to blame the machines for surgical errors. A new study was recently published in the BMJ Quality & Safety journal and it indicated that a technological “glitch” was the root cause of 1 in 4 surgical errors.

Surgeons rely too much on these machines and technology around them to move around. Technology takes over man, but is it right to blame the machines for errors in surgery? After all these machines are operated by humans. It does sound weird when the surgeons blame the machines for the life and death play. To be fair, they do say that having proper briefing and training could cut that error rate in half.

Of the technological “glitches” that caused problems in surgery, 37% were due to equipment failure, 44% were related to equipment configuration and 33% were because of device malfunctions.

So who is responsible actually for all these errors? Confusing may be. The surgeons or the machines are doctors?