SMS, The most popular Messaging Service is going to die
Saturday 30 November 2013

SMS, The most popular Messaging Service is going to die

SMS!! The powerful and most heard term in the society from quite a long time. And this fingertip messaging service is going to come to an end in 3 to 5 years of time, studies says. The simple text messaging, the easiest way to convey your message from one end of the globe to the other end, have chances of becoming a thing of past.

From few years SMS communication was considered to be the most reliable and least expense mode of communication, but emergence of few apps in smartphones, 3G networks SMS is slowly becoming extinct from the fingertip. Competition among SMS killing apps are increasing, messaging apps, like Kik, Whatsapp, and Apple's upcoming iMessage for iOS, is growing almost daily. Google is developing a similar IM service for Android users. Facebook also launched a standalone app called Facebook Messenger, which lets users to exchange instant messages, images and location information by using contact numbers stored on smartphones, regardless of whether they are friends on Facebook, it  can broadcast messages to a group of people at once, a feature the company said can help organize activities and socializing on the go.

The main reasons why these apps are becoming famous among the users are its almost free of cost communication. Comparatively these apps provide cheap method of communication, whereas SMS services have increased their rate almost double than before.

All they need is data connections; improved Wi-Fi and network connections are also contributing to the decrease in text messaging, because more smartphone owners now access services like Twitter and Facebook to exchange messages. The traditional mode of SMS has now vanished as so many mode of communication as messaging services are available in the fingertip with less cost. Mobile connection companies are going to face serious problems if SMS services vanish in such a fast rate, it will be really tough for them to survive without the help of this traditional messaging mode.

Even though these apps are of great use there is a little bit light at the end of the tunnel for the mobile carrier companies because, a person on BBM, for example, isn't able to speak to somebody on iMessage, suggesting it will be a complicated task to get all these varied apps onto one platform. In contrast, the simple fact that SMS is tied to a phone number and therefore can cross all networks and phone hardware works strongly in its advantage.

Once considered a huge revolution in the history of communication SMS, has still little bit hope to survive if the mobile carrier companies find their own kind of app for communication with less cost.