Soon Google Maps will find your parked car for you
Monday 27 March 2017

Soon Google Maps will find your parked car for you

It often happens that we park our cars in parking lots of shopping malls (or other public places), and forget where we parked them. But thanks to Google, you'll soon be able to find out easily where you parked your car.

Google is bringing an interesting new feature to its Maps app, which will remember the location where a vehicle is parked.

The functionality is visible in the latest beta version of Maps app, and is only limited to Android users. To use the feature, you are required to be signed in to your Google account.

In the app, you can set a location where you parked your car by tapping on the Blue location dot and selecting the "Save your parking" option.

It is also possible to add parking notes (e.g. basement level, pillar number). In addition, the feature can tell you how long your car has been parked at the same spot. You can even take pictures of the surroundings to remember the parking spot better.

This new feature could be useful for many. Apple Maps also has a similar feature, but it requires your iPhone to be pair with the car via Bluetooth. There is no word as to when Google plans to bring the feature out of 'beta' stage.

Earlier this week, Google Maps brought the ability to lets users share their location with others. The feature comes as part of an app update. Users will be able to select with whom they want to share their location with, and for how long. However, it could give rise to a few questions regarding user privacy.