There's a Massive Ransomware Attack Spreading Globally Right Now
Wednesday 24 May 2017

There's a Massive Ransomware Attack Spreading Globally Right Now

A ransomware attack is quickly spreading across the globe rendering vital systems inaccessible.

Friday morning, the Twitter account MalwareHunterTeam reported ransomware known as WanaCrypt0r (a WannaCry variant) spreading at an alarming rate. "In less than 3 hours (even can say less than 2 hours if we count it from the explosion), they got victims already from 11 countries."

Russia, Taiwan and Spain appear to be those initially hit the hardest, but a map of the infections generated by MalwareHunterTeam shows the ransomware spreading to all populated continents, and numerous reports from security researchers indicate that WanaCrypt0r has also found its way into the US.

An initial report from UK-based MalwareTech researcher indicate that the ransomware was spreading peer-to-peer and may have been weaponized using a leaked Microsoft exploit designed by U.S. National Security Agency known as EternalBlue.

Among those to first report infections publicly are 16 hospitals in England and Teleconica , a Spanish telecom. The infected systems rendered files encrypted and inaccessible and a warning flashed across the screens. "You only have 3 days to submit the payment. After that the price will be doubled," it reads. "Also if you don't pay in 7 days, you won't be able to recover your files forever."