Tips and tricks you should know to navigate ios 11 with ease
Friday 21 July 2017

Tips and tricks you should know to navigate ios 11 with ease

Apple’s iOS 11 is currently the most anticipated update to its mobile phones and devices. With tons of new features and changes, the operating system has far more custom options to tailor the user experience to your needs. While iOS 11 isn’t set to be released until the Fall, we’ve been testing it out to make sure you’re prepared ahead of time. We’re here to make the adjustment far easier with some useful iOS 11 tips and tricks. If you want to check it out for yourself, here’s how to download the iOS 11 public beta.

How to type to Siri

With iOS 11, you can now type out your questions or commands to Siri. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Siri and toggle on Type to Siri. After tapping Done, Siri will pull up the results for you automatically. You can also adjust voice settings to “Control with Ring Switch” which will signal for Siri to show text but not speak responses when your ringer is off — however, it will still beep when called on.

How to easily turn on Low Power Mode


Low power mode is nothing new to iOS 11 — neither is having low battery — but in the past, turning it on it required you to go to your settings and tap on the low power mode tab. Now, you can add it to the customized control center and simply turn it on and off by swiping up for the control center and tapping on the low battery icon. If you’re always running out of power, check out our iPhone battery saving tips.

How to scan documents


Notes in iOS 11 now has a feature to scan your documents. To scan a document, click the plus sign on the bottom of the screen and tap “Scan Documents.” The camera will snap a photo of the document and add it to your notes. You can also edit the color scheme with options like black and white, color, and grayscale.

How to auto-answer calls


Under Accessibility > Call Audio Routing, you can choose “Auto-Answer Calls” to answer phone calls automatically after a specific amount of time. After turning on the feature, you’ll be asked to enter the amount of time you’d like to pass before the call is answered.

How to turn on Smart Invert


There’s no actual “Dark Mode” feature, but iOS 11 does have a “Smart Invert” option. You can access it by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors and toggling on “Smart Invert.” This will reverse the colors except on images, media, and some apps that already use dark colors.

How to zoom out using one hand on Maps


How to delete or turn on offload apps

The Offload feature removes apps you barely use when storage is low, but still keeps all the data and documents on your device. You’ll see the deleted apps as gray icons on the home screen, and you can reinstall them by simply tapping on the icon. You can activate the feature so that it works automatically in the background by going to Settings > General > iTunes & App Store and turning on Offload Unused Apps, or choose to use it on individual apps.

How to clear out storage


If you want to clean out your storage to make room for more data, iPhone Storage — reached via Settings > General > iPhone Storage — gives you recommendations to get rid of things like your recently deleted photos or old text message conversations. For texts, you can also enable auto delete to remove messages and attachments sent and received over one year ago.