Top hi-tech football stadiums in the world
Saturday 30 November 2013

Top hi-tech football stadiums in the world

Football stadiums have nowadays become too much hi-tech that players and both the fans are completely satisfied with the set up and luxuries available there. Thanks to technology for upgrading sports, outdoor events which are really out of the door itself, but gives a luxury home like feeling. From cushioned seats and crazy architecture to video screens big enough to make even the most nosebleed-inducing seats passable, the cool technology to be found at sports stadiums today is often more impressive than watching Peyton Manning pick apart a Cover 2. Lots of those kind of luxurious sports stadiums are all around the world now, lets have a look at those technologically best places.

1. International Stadium-Yokohoma, Japan 

It was way back in 2002 the first time an Asian nation hosted the World Cup and when joint hosts held the competition. Although, Japan was not ecstatic at the prospect of sharing the cup with South-Korea, they were certainly stirred to accommodate the final on June the 30th, 2002. The Stadium is the most modern and high-tech stadium on the planet and its prize possession of this stadium is the pitch itself. Although indoor in the heart of the second largest city in Japan, the grass is natural and tended to year round by an experienced team of groundskeepers and by two genuinely devised hot water pipes. There is a movable roof and two massive replay screens at either ends of the pitch. The stadium is home to a wonderful collection of 824 lights, arranged very cunningly to destroy the aspects of shadows. 

This stadium seats a total of 70,000 very lucky people who get to experience this fantastic piece of footballing architecture. 

2. Allianz Stadium-Munich, Germany: 

Munich, Germany paved a beautiful path for the beautiful game before the 2006 FIFA World Cup as a great tribute. The Allianz Stadium boasts online purchasable smart tickets that double as electronic debit cards for buying food and drinks in the stadium, a heated playing pitch that monitors and adjusts the temperature of the grass roots, and a high fidelity sound system that's computerized to eliminate echo. 

3. Maracana Stadium, Brazil

Way back in 1950, when Brazil and Uruguay were against each other for the world cup, it was witnessed by 199,000+ people. It was the first time this stadium hosted this record number of people. The stadium is absolutely massive and the playing surface is exceptional. The support of the Brazilians is so vocally loud, that for the 2014 World Cup, they have been put on a warning which involves anyone being to loud eject from the stadium. May be a tough time for the die-hard fans to lock up their mouth.

4. Arizona Cardinals' Wireless Stadium, England:

Back before they were NFC champions, the Arizona Cardinals could at least lay claim to the most high-tech stadium in sports. For one, their stadium offers free Wi-Fi access to enable a little game time surfing. For two, to combat the general crappiness of astroturf, the natural grass field sits on a 12-million pound motorized tray that rolls into the stadium on game day, sparing running backs from a sidelining turf-toe injury... brilliant.

5. Berlin's Olympic Stadium, Germany:

For the 2006 World Cup, Germany's Olympic stadium took the sci-fi approach and employed a squadron of robots to guard its perimeter. . They've got thermal cameras to detect intruders and can automatically notify the command center if they detect something amiss, like a hole in the fence. They have security droids similar to the ones used in Iraq by U.S. military forces use their multitude sensors to detect radiation, toxins, viruses, and chemical weapons. 

6. Stadio Olimpico-Roma & Lazio, Italy:

One of the historical stadiums around the globe. It feels privileged to be inside the stadium as most sensational footballing spectacles of our generation occurred here. 

It was in 1960 Olympic Games it was open first, but has been used for the 1990 world cup final, which meant that the Italians renovated their stadium, whilst making a spectacular addition of a translucent roof which enabled natural light to enter and to preserve the stadium from whatever weather conditions. The UEFA Champions League final has been played here on three occasions, including the tenants. As Roma's soul cursing defeat to Liverpool in 1984, in which the trophy eluded them via penalty kicks.

7. Westfalenstadion (Signal Iduna Park) - Borussia Dortmund, Germany

80,720 for league matches & 65,718 for international!!! Well these figures explain about the seating capacity of the stadium Westfalenstadion. It is considered as one of the best fan rated stadium around the world due to the fantastic support the club receive week-in week-out from their 'die hard' fans. However, they do have one major downfall which results in them toppling from my list, the regular and irritant flares they lob onto the pitch, delaying the match. Fans are extreme at times when they have this team spirit. They also light smoke grenades which hinder vision for another supporter. That’s a tedious support I would say.

8. San Siro - AC Milan & International, Italy

“San Siro” popularly known as the "Scala" of football, which displays the Stadium sole interest in football. It possesses two tenants-AC and Inter, and it is one of a minority of Italian stadiums built for a single sport. The structure erected was revolved around visibility for each of the maximum of 80,000 occupants as was the intricate light system. The two levels of viewing tiers evolve into three once they reach the stands behind the goal. The support of both clubs is immense and the atmosphere is brilliant. Somehow, the playing area is not as good as the posh stadium.