Turn your Smartphone a Perfect Remote Control
Saturday 30 November 2013

Turn your Smartphone a Perfect Remote Control

Smartphones are becoming too smart that by using an App ‘Clik’, people can turn on any device from a browser into a smart TV. This fingertip technology is now into seriously fingertip remote control.

Clik's app almost is similar to Apple's Airplay technology, and playing YouTube videos over a computer doesn't look like much of an accomplishment when viewers can visit the website and control videos with their keyboard. For this device to work we will have to pair their smartphone with any device with a Flash-capable browser using a QR code. The app then lets users play YouTube videos on the secondary device and use their smartphone as a remote control.

Clik has created the app as a test concept for what its technology can do, and the company is making its private APIs available for developers interested in its platform. Game developers could use the technology to create multiplayer titles that can then be played on larger displays, and streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu could use it to turn people's smartphone into a remote control for their services. Clik lets multiple smartphones sync to a single device at one time, allowing two or more users to control the action at once. The app also features almost no lag time, so while the control scheme works over a 3G connection, the secondary device can use Wi-Fi to load videos.ted

“The company is looking forward to recruit several partners and they are targeting college students and teens, as most in that age group have both a smartphone and a laptop”, said Ted Livingston Clik CEO. As of now the technology requires a browser to work, most television sets will not support the technology.

Downloading Clik from the App Store today may not give users an experience they've never had before, but if developers adopt the technology, it could be something to watch in the future. So its no time to download the Clik App, advanced one is yet to come.