Turning wine into elecricity
Saturday 30 November 2013

Turning wine into elecricity

A boozy new intels processor!!people gets boozed ,but intels new innovation turning processors also to booze. Intel’s Dr Genevieve Bell placed two electrodes in the wine glass. The electrodes reacted with the acetic acid in the wine and a tiny current was produced which was enough to power the processor.

Eventhough it might sound weird,but this low cost idea of charging the processor is really innovative and it might become one of the innovative steps to the development of low cost ideas to survive.

According to Bell, “Some people turn water into wine, here at Intel we’re turning wine into electricity. It’s possible to start to imagine a world of incredibly low power but also with high performance, which will help unburden us, help us do things that are remarkable and gives the ability to power things like constant sensing, communication, and computing – all of which are necessary for our mobile future“.

Other new tech which was shown off includes a voice recognition system which eliminates the need for passwords for mobile phones. The system recognizes the owner’s sound and automatically unlocks the phone. Things apparently went well during the demo, but it might not work in noisy environments.

Another innovation involves a phone recognizing the way a person walks, based on how they are holding it – via an accelerometer. When the phone recognizes the owner’s walking style, the phone will be unlocked.

Innovations and Intel. no wonder. wait for the next!!!