Virus Alert: A Linux only Trojan
Saturday 30 November 2013

Virus Alert: A Linux only Trojan

 Linux is on only a few computer desktops today. And it is largely because of this smaller demographic that hackers haven’t really targeted Linux for their viruses and malware until now.

A team of cyber-criminals from Russia have developed a Trojan for Linux and they’re calling it the “Hand of Thief.” As explained by security company RSA, the “Hand of Thief” malware is currently able to grab data from forms (both HTTP and HTTPS in a range of browsers) and it offers some backdoor capabilities. Its “features” as a “full-blown banking malware” should continue to expand with future iterations.

The hackers have already tested the Trojan on 15 different Linux desktop distributions and eight different environments. Whether Ubuntu thing or the Fedora, you could be affected.

It was not a time pass thing for the hackers, the Trojan developers have it up for sale through closed cybercrime communities, for $2,000 and this price is expected to rise to $3,000 with an extra $550 for each major version release.