Your computer is at risk if running Windows 8 or earlier : Leaked NSA documents
Thursday 20 April 2017

Your computer is at risk if running Windows 8 or  earlier : Leaked NSA documents

The latest set of documents from NSA (National Security Agency - US) describes, the spies have penetrated deep in to financial network of Middle East. The documents also gives a bad news for Microsoft that users are still running older versions of Microsoft Operating systems earlier than Windows 10.

Kevin Beaumont, one among the key person who worked on this said, the malicious code that they applied appeared to exploit previously undiscovered weaknesses in older versions of its Windows operating system which is going to be a potential worry for many of Windows' users.

"It's an absolute disaster," Matthew Hickey - ‘England-based cyber security company Hacker House ‘said in an email. "I have been able to hack pretty much every Windows version here in my lab using this leak."

Microsoft has given a statement that they have started reviewing the leak and will take necessary actions to protect their customers.

"This is by far the most brutal dump," said Comae Technologies founder Matt Suiche, who has closely followed the group's disclosures and initially helped confirm its connection to the NSA last year. In a blog post , he said it appeared that thousands of employee accounts and machines from EastNets' offices had been compromised and that financial institutions in Kuwait, Bahrain and the Palestinian territories had been targeted for espionage.

But in a statement, EastNets said there was "no credibility" to the allegation that its customers' details had been stolen. The company, which acts as a "service bureau" connecting customers to the financial world's electronic backbone, SWIFT, said the ShadowBrokers documents referred to a "low-level internal server" that had since been retired and that a "complete check" of its systems had turned up no evidence of any compromise.